Understanding Health Requirements To Stay Fit And Healthy For All The Time

The concept of healthy living has been receiving great attention from the people of entire globe. With the massive climate changes taking place, it is also impacting hard over the lives of mankind. Increasing population day bay day is also impacting hard over the demand and supply of things. It is also making the competition quite severe and converting human as a working machine for round the clock. A disturbed life style and various other things can be found occasional among those working professionals due to tight schedule and immense work pressure to meet the deadline. All these are making their body weak further getting caught from various health hazards. Obesity, increasing fat, diabetics and various others are taking place in the event of having bad lifestyle and no time to put health into concern. Read the rest of this entry »

The Unconventional Guide to Buying a Used Car in St. Cloud

Buying a used car is typically a very smart and sound financial decision. With a used car, you are likely to be able to negotiate a lower than sale price. Used cars are not without their problems however, especially used cars found in the St. Cloud area, where snow and salt can take their toll on the integrity and operation of a vehicle if it has not been properly winterized or protected. Read the rest of this entry »

BMW cars in India – Autoportal on the supreme cars

BMW in India

BMW started its operations in India in the year 2006.There was a time when a BMW car was a rare sight on Indian roads. But increased economic growth and the resultant high disposable income have had a positive effect on the auto industry here. Prestigious automakers like BMW have been able to increase their market share and nowadays we can see a lot of BMWs zooming by in our neighbourhood itself. BMW currently sells nearly 14 car models in India and has a few more in store for us. Autoportal speaks about the popular BMW cars in India in this feature. Also check Ford cars Price List in India, Reviews, Model, Images

Sexy sedans

The first BMW cars seen in India were the BMW 3 and 5 series. These two beautiful sedans helped the brand to find its space in the car market. They look quite similar and share many features, yet are two very different cars. Then came in the BMW 6 series and the more recent BMW 7 series sedans. The company also recently introduced the BMW 1 series which is a compact version of the usual BMW cars. It was very thoughtful of BMW to get a small car in India, in view of the narrow and congested roads here. BMW 1 Series is also the most fuel efficient and cheapest car available in the country at Rs 22 lakhs onwards. BMW 7 is the costliest in this segment ranging from Rs 1.07-1.95 crores. BMW is also going to launch many cars in Auto Expo 2016

BMW 5-Series

Sporty SUVs

Coming to the SUV segment, BMW introduced the X1 series in 2009 which were followed by the X3, X5 and the X6. These are mid-sized SUVs with advanced technological and safety features. The X1 series is the cheapest in this segment starting from Rs 40 lakhs, while X6 comes as the costliest with its base variant selling at Rs 1.2 crores.

Premium sports cars

BMW also has got some sports cars for us – the premium M series cars which are the M3, M4 and M5. They have a fascinating appeal and are packed with royal comforts, enchanting ride quality and futuristic technology. Two more new cars were released last year which are the X5 M and X6 M and these two are focussed on increased power output and outstanding efficiency. The costliest one here is the BMW M6 Gran coupe at Rs 1.76 crores.


Environment-friendly cars

BMW i8, released in India at the Auto Expo 2014 is a plug-in hybrid sports car that combines conventional fuel engine with electric motor resulting in high performance along with low fuel consumption. The car comes as a completely built up unit at a whopping cost of Rs 2.29 crores.

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Five of Uncommon Ways to Lose Weight

When we search about losing weight on the Internet, we find loads of information and most of the information revolves around exercising and dieting. In this article we will discuss about those uncommon things which can accelerate your weight loss efforts and bring faster results. This will not bring any unwanted effects on your health and you can lead a healthy life if you incorporate them into your lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry »

Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster

It is safe to say that you are an auto devotee looking for a great games auto which emerges from its peers? At that point the Aston Martin vantage roadster is the auto which you ought to try for which is one of the most recent models from a standout amongst the most celebrated auto makers on the planet. When you move out on the streets this bit of designing will be truly the focal point of fascination because of its lively plan which is truly remarkable. Read the rest of this entry »

Datsun Go+ Compact MPV of India

First previewed at the Delhi Auto Expo 2014, the Datsun Go+, is the Japanese automaker’s second offering in India. With seven seats, the Go Plus will make an all-new segment in India, the compact MPV.

The Go Plus is based on the Go hatchback, but is an extended version to accommodate seven seats. Datsun is calling the Go Plus a compact family wagon. To achieve the 5+2 seating arrangement, Datsun has increased the overall length of the car by 210 mm. Read the rest of this entry »

Porsche Cayenne German automobile New Releases in India

Porsche, the German automobile manufacturer specialized in high-performance sports vehicles, will likely to launch its new car, the 2016 Porsche Cayenne, during last quarter of 2015. This vehicle, according to the manufacturer, will be more powerful than the pre-facelift Cayenne Turbo S and will be launched in the international market with prices between Rs 99.90 lakhs and Rs 2.43 crores, company sources said. The 2016 Porsche Cayman will be based on the current generation and it will include a new version, improved engines as well as a slightly updated interior. Read the rest of this entry »

TVR Trident Amazing Classic

TVR Trident Sports Car, covering improvement, essential highlights, and specialized information of this the seventh model in the TVR range.

In this Article, I offer a nostalgic take a gander at the TVR Trident, one of a first class gathering of excellent autos, which was fabricated amid the period 1965. Read the rest of this entry »

It is time to scale those mountains

Mountains always stand as the symbol of great power and sometimes they give us a challenge that is so big standing in front of us. Many have a very different feeling while seeing a mountain from the sea level and it is one of the best experiences one could get from a mountain rather watching the sea level form a mountain. At the moment of watching the mighty mountain from the bottom many would have the spirit in their heart to get the mountain by their activities. Read the rest of this entry »

X1 BMW’s one Heak of a Car

The BMW X1 is an SUV from the BMW AG, the German Automobile manufacturer. The BMW X1 launched in 2209 has been updated in 2013. On 28th September 2015 the X1 with the M badge has been launched in India. The next updated version is expected in 2016. Read the rest of this entry »